EULOGY ON HENRY CLAY by Abraham Lincoln

Pictured Above

As I share in this video, I’m in a shift. I have had these many times but for various reasons, this one is quite a bit larger than many; I’d say this shift is on par with the time my brother left. I had to take care of my parents in a strange yet necessary way, and it cost me my life because part of it was moving onto a property, having a large family, and then being disinherited.

As an exorcist, I’ve gone many places and served. I was not rejected per se but it felt that way and I am not going to explain that or be sorry for what I have experienced.

In the video, since I feel this shift rather deeply, I over-stated a time-frame about some others of my rune/coloring books. I must set it all aside until after my new holiday season begins and ends, for this is my first time. MIKELMAS to New Years is a new season, for me alone. I would never expect this from my family; however, that is only 1/4 of the story. I hate the world of expectation. I never broke out of it and therefore know I lost everyone. I remember even as a child knowing I was, for some reason, standing outside of normal living though I certainly have done plenty of normal living.

But being who I am, it is not acceptable in that world. And so that is why this shift has come upon me. If I had a wish, it would be that I would have done it sooner. It cannot be that others joyfully joined me, that is why I used to cry a lot.

I will soon be reading PAGANISM by Joyce and River Higgenbotham again to flesh out my pagan, solitary celebrations with the normal ones of their calendars. I believe there are four, and one of them is going to be formed with MIKELMAS so I have three others to quietly bring in at other times of the year, for myself.

My rune work will be coming along again beginning perhaps February 3, 2023 which is the new birth date of my father. He is a lovely person. I hope someday to be able to talk to him more, but it may wait until I’m on the other side, I do not know of such things nor will I deny my true existence, both.

Worshipping Jesus Christ, Male Holy Spirit, and God Father has come to an end for me, but I did enjoy worship for years. Now, as I state in the video, there is no faith, there is no hope, and yet there is love and a whole new world that the faithfulness I put forth has brought to me, I am gradually learning that my hope is met, and yet, I still feel that hope betrayed me time and again.

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